Cleaning a photovoltaic system with the help of a lift.

Detailed view when cleaning with the help of a lift.

Transport position front and side view.

carrier vehicle Lift
attachment Customized mounting frame depending on the utilized lift; necessary basket load 250 kg
drive Frequency – controlled electrical drive
power source: house connection (230 volts) fully electrical
operating temperature -20°C to +60°C
weight aprrox 100 kg, considering a brush length of  3 meters
brush length 2 – 3 meters (indicate at time of order)
brush diameter 300 mm
brush material UV-resistant mixture of plastics for a gentle cleaning of glass surfaces
brush speed: The brush speed should not exceed 120-150 rpm. The speed can be regulated by the accelerator pedal or the throttle at the swivel joint.
water pump booster pump with an automatic switch-off; electrically connected to the house connection
tap water is automatically processed with SUNBRUSH BLUE
filter the water filter should be cleaned regularly by leaching  this ensures proper functionality
water consumption varying,  depending on pollution, weather

Leveling – balance/settings

The back pressure in the bladder controls the contact pressure in between cleaning brush and module table. The pressure must be set once bevor the cleaning process. When used correctly, the brush always rests with a constant pressure on the modules even if the carrier vehicle drives on an uneven ground.

The back pressure depends on the brush lengths and type of modules.

Frameless modules require a contact force of 5 kg per brush meter.
Framed modules require a contact force of 5-8 kg per brush meter.

recommended settings

Brush length contact force pressure setting
4 meter 8 kg 50 bar
4 meter 5 kg 60 bar
7,5 meter 8 kg 95 bar
7,5 meter 5 kg 110 bar