Clean the photovoltaic system efficiently whilst maintaining value with SunBrush mobil

The revenue decreases by up to 30 % if the photovoltaic system exhibits severe dirt contamination. However, it doesn’t have to be that way: dirt, bird droppings and dust on house top constructions and field facilities can be removed by SunBrush mobil just by passing by. The solar cleaning plant with its mobile cleaning brush can be used for dry cleaning in desert regions as well as for wet cleaning using demineralised water – or tap water with the additional „SunBrush blue“. Apart from that the solar cleaning plants can be used for the snow removal in winter.

SunBrush mobil can simply be installed on an available commercial vehicle. During the cleaning process it can be controlled via a joystick directly by the driver. Increased efficiency by an ecological cleaning of solar plants – all that can be achieved with SunBrush mobil.

Cleaning of solar systems: save and easy

The solar cleaning plant is made of a joystick, a flexible brush roller that is 180 degrees pivotable and a water tank with a pump which can be installed on the rear of the vehicle in order to wet clean the solar plant. These three components will suffice to clean your solar plant gently and thoroughly of dirt like bird droppings and dust.

The module „Washtronic“ ensures that bumps in the surface are corrected in order to not damage the solar plant during the cleaning process. The actual cleaning device – which touches the solar panel directly- is a cleaning brush made of weatherproof polyethylene which wears out little even after thousands of cleaning procedures without affecting its cleaning performance. However, the brush is an expendable part just as a brake of a car.

The bristles on the flexibly positionable brush are made precisely for solar panel cleaning because they are spliced at the end. This makes the cleaning thorough and save. Little gaps inbetween the modules can simply be bridged because the inclined position of the bristles allows for the surfaces to be cleaned without interruption. The lateral lockability of the pivotable arm provides a save transport of the solar cleaning plant.

Ideally usable, optionally expandable

With this, Sun Brush mobil turns out to be an unique cleaning device to clean photovoltaic systems of all kinds of dirt and dust. The solar cleaning plant is flexible to be used to a dry and wet cleaning of solar modules and can be expanded by numerous components for an increased need to clean the surfaces of dirt, bird droppings and dust.

Including: (optionally available)

  • A measuring tool and an installed thermo camera so that cleaning, thermal imaging and bearing pressure of the brush can be completed in a single step;
  • the possibility to set up a GPS-supported documentation about the cleaning of the solar panel
  • The detergent SunBrush Blue can be used as a supplement for a cleaning with warm water or in order to save water

You can maintain the value of your photovoltaic system for many decades if you clean it and remove snow on a regular basis. At the same time, regular cleaning and snow removal ares sensible maintenance measues which are recommended by the LAR (German code of practise).

SunBrush mobil Waermebildkamera klein Reinigung von Photovoltaikanlagen
SunBrush mobil Waermebildkamera Reinigung von Photovoltaikanlagen
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A report confirmed: SunBrush mobile meets all criteria for a perfect performance

In order that an investment in a solar cleaning system is profitable the cleaning devices must meet four criteria:

  1. A high efficiency in cleaning off dirt on the photovoltaic system
  2. Usability without further acquisition costs and with minimum costs of use during the cleaning of the solar panel
  3. Longevity of the cleaning equipment used – even if frequent cleaning is required
  4. A safe cleaning of dirt, bird droppings and dust without damaging the solar panels

At the University of Ulm we had the solar cleaning system SunBrush mobil examined by Prof Gerd Heilscher in order to ensure an optimal cleaning performance. According to them, the solar cleaning system SunBrush mobil meets all technical criteria for wet cleaning as well as dry cleaning. The results can be seen here.

You can find more information in out new brochure.

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