Solar park cleaning: Sunbrush mobile – efficient, flexible and a minimal effort. A solar park is usually exposed to the weather around the clock. Whether sun, snow, rain, hail or wind – they all have an effect on the modules. In addition to that, pollution caused by dust and air pollution, road traffic, desert sand, falling leaves or pine needles and, above all, bird droppings can cause considerable long-term damage. In order to ensure the reliable functionalityof your photovoltaic system, you must clean your solar park on a regular basis.

Know-how and experience in solar park cleaning

Above all, such a solar park cleaning requires know-how, experience and the right cleaning technology. As a specialist in the field of solar park and solar cleaning, we have an extremely efficient and flexible solution in our portfolio for you with our Sunbrushmobil cleaning device. This universally applicable device is suitable for roof-mounted systems, PV outdoor systems and other smooth surfaces.

Innovative technology is based on a total of three main components

The cleaning device Sunbrush mobile is not only efficient in solar park cleaning, however, only a minimum effort is needed to control and operate the system. The entire cleaning technology is primarily based on three  main components. A variably swivelling brush roller,  an integrated joystick for the control of the system as well as the  patented Washtronic technology form a premium symbiosis that enables you a  comfortable and an effective as well as efficient Solar cleaning.

A hydraulically operated cleaning unit offers comfort and high efficiency

For example, you can easily install the entire cleaning unit on a tractor, excavator or telescopic loader. Then simply attach the joystick supplied to the suction cup and solar cleaning can get started. As a hydraulically operated solar cleaning system, the annoying manoeuvring is generally not necessary. Instead, solar cleaning takes place directly on the modules by using the pivoting brush roller, which can be rotated by 180 degrees.

Numerous extension optimize functionality

In addition, you can use special features for cleaning of solar systems or other smooth surfaces that significantly increase functionality and comfort. For example, it is possible to realize wet cleaning of modules and surfaces. All you have to do is place a water tank on the rear of a vehicle. Furthermore, the solar park cleaning can also be extended by GPS and practical or useful diagnostic tools.

Sunbrush-Diagnostic – constant control over the condition of the solar park

A diagnostic tool of this kind, for example, represents the special  Sunbrush Diagnostic. The cleaning device is additionally equipped or upgraded with a thermal imaging camera, which checks the current performance of the solar park or modules termographically. In this way, you will always have immediate knowledge of  defective or broken cell connectors or non-functioning strand diodes. Together with the solar cleaing system this termographic control forms a successful symbiosis in a single operation with real added value.