Snow on the solar panel – what can be done against hibernation of a PV system?

Although children may still enjoy the snow, a long, hard winter is not only a massive challenge for drivers. This also and especially applies to owners of PV systems (photovoltaic systems) whose electricity production is permanently reduced or even driven to zero during the winter months due to persistent snow on the solar modules. So what to do then if there is snow on the solar panel? To sweep the snow off? To let it melt and hope for a better weather fort the PV system? Or even install a heating system?

Snow on the solar panel – should you sweep the snow off?

Snow on the solar panel – at least the „stubborn version“ of it which stays for several months – is a problem which occures rather regionally. If the PV system is installed at a roof with a pitch angle of 30 degrees (40 degrees as angle of inclination are better), the problem with snow on the solar module will be solved relatively quickly and simply automatically. It just slides down. However, it becomes more problematic if the PV system operator wants to install the system on a flat roof or a roof with only a small pitch thus wanting to generate electricity in winter. Here you have to sweep off the snow if you don’t want to see a zero line in electricity production. If you want to operate with numerous accessories and safety systems (ropes, harnesses and co.) the snow can be swept away with no doubt. However, with help of he mobile solar cleaning system SunBrush mobil it is easier to remove the snow on the solar module in snowy regions!

SunBrush mobil – fight snow on the solar panel efficientelly

SunBrush mobile – the mobile cleaning system which can be installed easily – removes snow from the solar module thus ensuring permanent power yield even in long winters at free-standing and rooftop PV systems. That way the hibernation of the solar system will be abolished without much effort. But how does SunBrush mobil remove the snow on solar panels?

The basic requirement is the presence of a tractor, an excavator or a telescopic loader. The cleaning system SunBrush mobil can be installed on them easilly. As you drive by, the PV system is cleaned via the variably swivelling brush roller, which is controlled via joystick from inside the tractor. It is very easy and even makes fun! It has never been easier to keep the electricity generation going – even if the winter is long and snowy.

Is the solar cleaning system SunBrush mobil only suitable for sweeping off snow or removing snow of the solar panel? Of course not! Dirt, dust, bird droppings, pollen or even desert sand can also have a negative effect on power production and shorten the service life of the plant. With the patented Washtronic from SunBrush mobil, these unwanted side effects on the solar system are also removed without leaving any residue. This ensures that SunBrush mobile is used all year round and helps to keep power production at an optimum level at all times – if the sunshine allows it. (Unfortunatelly) SunBrush mobil has no effect on that.