Sand on the photovoltaic (PV) system: Sunbrush mobil can remove it quickly and reliably

A photovoltaic system has to withstand a lot. At any time of the year and always around the clock it is exposed to all kinds of weather influences. Whether sunshine, rain, hail, snow or ice – the photovoltaic modules have to be extremely resistent. There is also the wind, which carries dust, sand or desert sand, leaves and, for example, bird droppings as a souvenir. It also transports soot from chimneys. In this way, weather and wind, in combination –  so to speak –  cause contamination on solar modules. This has lasting effects: as dirt or impurities basically reduce the yield of a solar system. Therefore, sand on PV systems must always be removed quickly.

Dirt or desert dust on solar systems – there is a risk of significant yield losses

Especially if the solar modules are visibly contaminated by dirt, dust or sand, you should always react quickly and have the sand removed from your PV systems. Otherwise, there is a risk of a loss of earnings; and that can already be the case when only parts of a string are affected by the impurities. However, when modules are connected with each other, the weakest link is always decisive for overall performance. Desert dust on solar systems, however, does not only carriy a financial risk. Impurities almost always act like partial shading and this results in hot spots that cause strong local heating of uncontaminated areas of solar modules. In addition to further loss of earnings, such a scenario can also result in damage relevant to security in individual cases. This is why you always have to remove desert dust from the solar system immediatelly.

Always remove sand quickly from your PV systems

If there is sand on your PV systems, you should always carry out effective cleaning measures quickly. The following figures illustrate how important it is to have sand removed from PV systems. If the sand on PV systems is removed regularly, an average performance gain of around 15 percent can be achieved. If you have a 100 kWp plant, this will result in an additional amount of about 15,000 kWh per year. It is therefore also worthwhile from a financial point of view to have the sand removed of PV systems on a regular basis.

Free the solar system from desert dust: SunBrush mobile makes it possible at any time

However, in order to remove desert dust from solar systems quickly and effectively, you need a specific cleaning solution. Your are always on the safe side with the mobile cleaning system SunBrush mobile. The system is universally applicable, easy to install, easy to control and reliably removes sand from PV systems. You benefit from a hydraulically operated solar cleaning system controlled via joystick. Instead, cleaning is carried out directly at the modules in order to remove desert dust from the solar system.

Dry or wet cleaning: Sand on PV systems is always removed sustainably

The solar cleaning system SunBrush mobile is particularly impressive due to its variability. Only with optimal care and cleaning of the solar modules you get the highest possible yield. For example, you can sweep away desert dust on solar systems dry with the integrated brush roller or remove the sand from PV systems via wet cleaning. It especially ensures optimum results when the deserd sand on the PV system is encrusted. With your movements you set the direction and operate the flexibly alignable brush. This is not only effective – it is also fun to rid the solar system of desert dust.