Remove ammonia deposits from solar cells on stable roofs

Solar parks and solar systems are nowadays firmly established. Clean and cost-effective energy is required. However, a not insignificant economic damage is a consequence of reduced output if the modules of a solar system are dirty. Mud or dirt on the modules of a solar system reduce the respective light input right away.

Solar on the stable: contaminations of a specific nature may occur

This means that the economic efficiency of the complete solar system will decline. There can also be special impurities in addition to farina and pollen, bird droppings and air pollution. Especially in the agricultural sector a solar panel on a stable is additionally threatened by dust and aerosols from the stable, such as feed and harvest dust or bedding. However, there are more threats in terms of contamination and dirt.

Ammonia deposits can cause significant losses in yield

This is because stable roofs generally always have corresponding exhaust air systems. In addition to the impurities caused by weather conditions and environmental influences, exhaust air in form of ammonia deposits on the solar cells. This is due to the fact that the exhaust air consists of ammonia or contains ammonia. As soon as the exhaust air from the ventilation system is directed outside, it results in condensation and thus to ammonia deposits. The later the removal of ammonia will be carried out, the more ammonia will be deposited on the solar cells. After a certain period of time a persistent and greasy coating is formed, which can only be removed by effective mechanical cleaning.

Ensure functionality of solar on the stable with effective cleaning

Nothing works without water and the right cleaning agent. In order to get the solar cells cleaned properly and to be able to use solar on the stable to its full extent, you should trust our cleaning system Sunbrush as well as our cleaning agent Sunbrush Blue. With this combination you guarantee a reliable and effective removal of ammonia at all times – without it your solar cells will be hindered to perform at their maximum. In addition to that, thanks to the Sunbrush cleaning system, you do not have to climb onto the stable roof yourself. Instead, you control the removal of ammonia from the ground via joystick.

Removal of ammonia from solar cells increases profitability

On average, you will suffer yield losses of up to 30 percent due to the contamination of your solar cells on the roof. It is therefore very important to remove ammonia and other impurities. With our Sunbrush cleaning system, in combination with water and ourcleaning agent Sunbrush Blue fast we ensure reliable and above all highly effective cleaning. However, a solar system only brings joy if it is effective and generates revenue.