Clean solar system – no problem even on roofs


Solar parks are fully in line with the trend. Whether in the commercial or private sector – with a solar system you generate clean electricity on the one hand, but can also use it as a pure investment opportunity. Especially in times of low interest rates and volatile financial markets, solar energy offers you a wide range of advantages: Low risk, a technology that is now fully developed and at the same time inexpensive. Returns are predicable as well. Regardless of your reasons for choosing a solar park, the fact is always that without care, maintenance and reliable cleaning, a solar park can often not develop its full capacity. Therefore, you should always clean or keep a solar system clean.


Clean solar plant – especially roof cleaning is always laborious and cumbersome

Impurities and weather-related soiling are the natural enemies of solar systems. The consistent cleaning and maintaining of a solar system is often a arduous task. Especially when cleaning rooftops, you usually first have to climb onto the roof before you can clean the solar system. However, not only is it uncomfortable, but also dangerous for the roof climber.


Roof cleaning: Perfectly clean modules with Sunbrush.

As experts for the efficient cleaning of solar systems on the roof, we have a tailor-made solution in our product range. With our cleaning system Sunbrush mobile you simplify the roof cleaning considerably. The cleaning system can easily be mounted on a manoeuvrable teleloader, which directly puts the cleaning device in the correct position. The high quality brushes then reach higher elevations via hydraulics. This is how your solar system on the roof can be cleaned conveniently. The sophisticated technology of our Sunbrush cleaning system guarantees perfectly clean modules without any damage or scratches.


Safety first: Protect your health with our rooftop cleaning system

You can control the special system for efficient and effective cleaning of a solar system on the roof via joystick very conveniently. The swivelling and rotating brushes carry out the cleaning work autonomously. You don’t have to step on the roof at any time. Particularly in difficult weather conditions with rain, snow or even black ice, this is an invaluable advantage with regard to your safety and health.


Clean the solar system: you can do without ropes, nets and the like.

Our system always works accurately and removes even hard-to-clean dirt from the modules without you having to manually touch them. If, on the other hand, you clean a solar system on the roof manually, you will need safety nets, ropes and other utensils for your safety. This is an enormous effort, which our hydraulic cleaning machine saves you altogether. However, all you need is the joystick in order to generate a reliable cleaning of your solar system on the roof. In addition: Controlling via joystick is also a lot of fun.