Bird droppings on PV systems – a danger to functionality

Bird droppings on solar systems is a stubborn and most aggressive contamination of photovoltaic modules. In intensive sunlight, the acidic manure can literally burn into the glass. Partial shading caused by bird droppings prevents the flow of current through the solar cells and leads to local overheating. If the faeces are not removed for a long time, the solar cells “burn” locally. The so-called HotSpots lead to considerable performance losses. It is therefore necessary to clean your solar system regularly from bird droppings in order to maintain its value in the long term and ensure an optimum yield.

Unprotected against environmental and weather influences

For 24 hours a day photovoltaic modules are completely unprotected against environmental and weather influences. Dust, windblown sand, car and industrial exhaust gases, petals and leaves as well as the above-mentioned bird droppings reduce the absorption of solar radiation on solar systems. If the mounting angle on the house roof is large enough – from 20° – the dirt in is usually removed by rain and wind. When rainwater drains off, it removes impurities and washes away even encrusted dirt. In the case of flat installations,however, malfunctions occur more quickly without cleaning because self-cleaning is made more difficult or even impossible.

Regular cleaning protects against loss of yield

If you simply leave your solar system to itself after installation, you run the risk that your energy yields will decrease over time by up to 30 percent. Depending on the size of the plant, considerable losses can occur, which quickly add up to three-digit euro amounts for single-family houses, and even considerably more for large ground-mounted plants.

SunBrush mobil – the intelligent solution

SunBrush® mobil was developed in order to clean bird droppings, dust, moss, etc. as easily, gently and thoroughly as possible. The brush can be mounted on most tractors, telescopic loaders or excavators and operated hydraulically so that it is suitable for roof-mounted and ground-mounted systems and can basically be used anywhere.

The variable swivelling brush roller is conveniently controlled via a joystick. The patented “Washtronic” system ensures constant level compensation on uneven floors and thus even contact pressure of the brush on the modules. In dry weather, the connected tank with pump ensures an adequate water supply. The device can optionally be equipped with a diagnostic function and hot water cleaning. The former is particularly suitable for cleaning service providers, the latter for particularly heavily soiled modules.

Benefit from our expert advice

Dust, moss or bird droppings on solar systems must not and should not be. We would be pleased to inform you in detail about the many advantages of SunBrush® mobil. Do not hesitate to contact us.