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"SunBrush® mobile" is universally applicable for the cleaning of PV outdoor and roof-mounted systems and other smooth surfaces. It can be hydraulically operated with almost any commercial tractor, excavator, telescopic handler.

Sunbrush in real field use

Mobile solar cleaning system of the company SunBrush mobil GmbH: maintain and clean solar systems

It is movable, easy to install and can be controlled with minimum effort: your photovoltaic system can be cleaned just by passing by with the variable cleaning solution SunBrush mobil.

Clean your solar panels: intensive cleaning but minimum effort

A joystick, a flexibly pivoted brush roller, a water tank – those are the three key components of the cleaning system SunBrush mobil. It can simply be installed on a tractor as well as on a excavator or on a  telescopic handler. The cleaning devices can be used for removing of dirt, dust, sand or bird droppings.

The hydraulically-powered solar cleaning system SunBrush mobil can be used on every photovoltaic system, however, if the commercial vehicle can be driven without obstacles. Awkward manouvring can be ommitted that way. The cleaning of the solar panels can be carried out on modules as well as on smoove or framed surfaces with a swing roller which can be rotated by 180 degrees.

The cleaning of the solar panel can be controlled via joystick. A minimal amount of energy of a cigarette lighter is needed in order to clean the whole solar system of  ingrained dirt. Not only can it yield the desired return but it also is fun. The cleaning of the photovoltaic systems can make the solar panels look as new because you can lift and lower, pivot and bent the flexibly pivoted brush. So everyone can see at first glance: not only is the solar system is being used in an effective way but also cared for professionally.

Install, put the container on the rear, fix the joystick with a suction cup – the cleaning of your solar system cannot be easier. Want more information about the technical details? Under the menu point „Product“ the have all the important information about the cleaning of your solar system.

Prevent the deterioration

Bird droppings, dust, dirt and soiling because of frequent rain can affect your solar system day by day. Your solar system was once build in order to produce CLEAN energy. However, if after a matter of time the solar panels are getting dirty you must do something about the visual impact.

However, this is not the only reason to buy a solar cleaning system just as SunBrush mobil. The cleaning of the solar system is important because otherwise the yield would decline.

A loss of earnings up to 30 % can be the result if you will not clean your solar system on a regular basis. If a small solar system is dirty your earnings can be reduced dramatically. If the solar system is even bigger so is the loss.

However, a cleaning of a solar panel with SunBrush mobil can be done simply and quickly. On roof-top powers or on field facilities – on every solar system, which can be reached with your commercial vehicle which is normally available at the fleet. However, this isn´t just the case for dirt on modules – frames and junctions are properly cleaned as well. Very easy via joystick. Without the risk of bumps. The technology Washtronic balances to the right level if used correctly.

Prevent of value reduction, ensure full efficiency – it was never that easy to clean your solar systems of dirt. Under the menue „Media“ you can watch many videos how all this works in detail.

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Cleaning of solar systems: all advantages at one glance

Does your solar system require cleaning because it is affected by dust, bird droppings and other kinds of dirt? The solar cleaning system SunBrush mobil will remove all that off your solar panels due to its unique cleaning solution.

SunBrush mobil is an unique system which can be augmented by further useful products. Here you can see the advantages by using SunBrush mobil:

  • A flexible cleaning of the solar system is made possible by a swivel mechanism which can be turned by 180 degrees
  • The module „Washtronic“ – if used corretcly – controls the ground pressure and so makes the cleaning easy inspite of bumps
  • This cleaning device can be installed on every commercial vehicle
  • The tank and pumping systems which are delivered as well ensure water supply; even on days without rain.
  • The brush can easily be locked on the side of the vehicle during transportation

Optionally, you can buy the mobile cleaning system with a diagnostic module warm water cleaning.

A thermal camera in order to clean and thermal imaging is included in the diagnostic module. It can also document the whole solar system via GPS. For example the module diagnostic 4.0 is very useful for administrators who want to document all works performed. The documentation is also very useful to fleet owners who do not own a solar system but want to rent their vehicles for solar cleaning.

If stubborn dirt must be removed from the solar panels a cleaning with warm water is reccomended. By using a cleaner for solar cells which contains a limescale stopper you can achieve almost the perfect result. You can purchase it from us.

Preserve the value of your solar system in the long term. SunBrush mobil can help you with that. Any more questions? Just call us!