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Sunbrush mobil expands PV Diagnostic Technology

Press releases

Service App offers an integrated cloud solution for the smart monitoring of photovoltaic modules

Lachen, near Memmingen, Germany, 11. October 2017: Sunbrush mobil GmbH (SBM), a provider of cleaning systems for facades and the photovoltaic sector, is expanding its portfolio for diagnostics and monitoring technologies. Thermal imaging cameras and the SBM App now allow users to analyze the performance of PV installations, live and module specifically, through the integrated cloud solution during cleaning cycles.

The SBM Diagnostic solution has been on the market for almost two years. It enables the functional efficiency of solar modules to be thermographically checked by means of a thermal imaging camera that can be subsequently fitted to the company’s cleaning brushes. With its new service app, Sunbrush mobil GmbH has expanded the combination of cleaning and function control to include real-time capabilities: While previously the data relating to a solar power plant would have been transferred manually, now it can be seen live on a tablet, laptop or stationary computer. This allows power-plant operators to identify defective cells, cell connectors and string diodes at any place. The app is currently available for Android.

The thermal imaging camera comes with GPS, allowing users to precisely track specific modules. It is designed to fit to the end of the cleaning brushes, the main-product of the company. Varied recording intervals make it possible for users to individually adapt the cleaning speed to meet the testing requirements of the modules. All of the collected data can be saved or transferred directly in the SBM Cloud for intelligent evaluation via image-processing algorithms. In this way, the computer takes on the search for hot spots and string defects as well as other types of module deficiencies, collating the findings in a report. Operators of large solar parks can especially benefit from this function because all of the data are consolidated via the Cloud. This allows the algorithms to detect changes in the efficiency profile of a power station, drawing attention to newly occurred damage or defects.

Save service costs through the ‘two in one’ principle.

“Combining thermal imaging technology with the cleaning of modules merges two operations into one, thereby significantly reducing service costs,” explains Franz Ehleuter, CEO at Sunbrush mobil GmbH. “The integrated cloud service provides the complete functional transparency of solar parks and saves time in the evaluation of damage profiles. The precision analysis is also helpful for carrying out targeted repairs.” Regular monitoring provides a valuable contribution to the comprehensive technical documentation of solar power plants, thereby supporting the assertion of guarantees, warranties and damage claims with module manufacturers and insurance companies.

The app was created in collaboration with the Institute for Energy and Drive Technology at the Technical University of Ulm, led by Prof. Dr. Gerd Heilscher. Sunbrush mobil has had close research cooperation with the institute over many years. All components and manufacturing processes relating to SBM products are the result of collaborations and long-term partnerships with other engineering firms from the Allgäu region of Germany. The company holds German and European patents for all SBM products. Renowned solar-module manufacturers have certified the entire range of SBM brushes, thereby authorizing their use in professional applications.

About Sunbrush mobil GmbH

Sunbrush mobil GmbH develops, produces and sells cleaning brushes for photovoltaic installations and the facades of buildings. The company was founded in 2009 by Managing Director Franz Ehleuter in Lachen, Germany. It utilizes its engineering expertise in the in-house development of its cleaning systems. In addition the company operates its own test center. The innovative design organization supplies customers across the globe. Sunbrush mobil maintains research cooperation with the Institute for Energy and Drive Technology at the university of applied sciences in Ulm. All Sunbrush mobil products are covered by German and European patents. Renowned Solar module manufacturers have authorized the use of Sunbrush mobil brushes on their products. For more information: